Grafit is a creative branding agency... + -

Grafit is a creative branding agency offering comprehensive solutions to strengthen and promote brands. Our mission is to help our clients stand out in the saturated digital market and create a unique mark in the hearts of their audience.

We specialize in creating brands... + -

We specialize in creating brands with deep meaning and strategic focus. Our team of experts conducts thorough market and competitive analysis to identify unique opportunities for each client. We develop not just a design, but a visual story that conveys the values ​​and mission of the brand.

Our services cover all aspects... + -

Our services cover all aspects of branding: from naming and corporate identity creation to communications strategy development and long-term planning. Our solutions help increase brand awareness, create strong customer connections and drive sales growth.

Grafit's goal is not just to create a brand... + -

Grafit's goal is not just to create a brand, but to breathe life into it. We strive to ensure that every project we work on becomes a true source of inspiration and strength for our clients. Our philosophy is to not only follow trends, but also set them, to be pioneers in the world of branding.

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stages of work_


Brand analysis:

We begin brand development with in-depth market research and competitor analysis. We study their successful and unsuccessful strategies to better understand how you can stand out. Target audience analysis helps us determine what values ​​and needs are important to a particular target group.


Branding strategy:

We are developing a strategy that will determine the direction of development. We define the brand's mission, values ​​and vision. The market position becomes clear and we focus all our efforts on ensuring that the brand can become an integral part of the lives of its target audience.


Creation of brand

At this stage, we create the visual and verbal identity of your brand. We work on the logo, color palette, typography and packaging design. Your name and slogan become a powerful reflection of your values ​​and uniqueness.


Launch and promotion:

We are ready to introduce your brand to the world. Our marketing strategy includes active use of social media, creating advertising campaigns and content that conveys the brand message. We strive to reach your audience and create lasting connections.


Management and development:

We understand that building a brand is a long-term process. We monitor your audience's reactions and adapt to changes in the industry. Continuous development and improvement have become our goal, and we are constantly looking for new ways to grow.Мы стремимся сделать ваш бренд значимой частью рынка и жизни ваших клиентов.

Head of agency


Head of agency


Project manager

Artem Yachmenev

Creative director

Artem Sinichka

" На все 100 довольны результатом ребрендинга нашего логотипа, который Grafit для нас сделали. Они точно поняли, какой стиль нам нужен, и сделали логотип супер современным. Теперь он как раз то, что надо!"

- Компания "БПК" -

"Сотрудничество с Grafit - это просто вау-эффект! Они не только сделали красивый дизайн, но и помогли нам понять, что нам на самом деле важно. Теперь у нас есть план действий!"

- Бар "Cheers" -

"Спасибо агентству Grafit за помощь с бренд-платформой! Теперь мы точно знаем, куда идти. Они помогли разобраться во всех наших ценностях и сделали все понятным."

- Кафе "Кропкi" -

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